Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Military Scholarships for OIF or OEF veterans

The Fund for Veterans' Education
Eligibilty: Deployed for 60 days to Afghanistan, Iraq, or served in the surrounding area and have documented service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom after September 11, 2001, or those who were deployed, but did not meet the 60-day active service period as a result of a service-related injury or condition incurred while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq

Horatio Alger Military Veterans Scholarship

Eligible applicants to the Horatio Alger Military Veterans Scholarship must prove/demonstrate:

Service under the United States Military in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan or Operation Iraqi Freedom beginning September 11, 2001 or later

Honorable service record under the United States Military
Critical financial need

Intention to pursue a bachelor's degree (BA or BS) at an accredited college or university in the United States (awardees may begin their studies at a two-year institution and then transfer to a four-year institution)

U.S. citizenship

You will be required to attend school on a full-time basis (24 credits hours per calendar year) in order to receive this scholarship.

Scholarship recipients do not receive direct payment of their scholarship funds.The scholarship is paid directly to the college.

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