Thursday, December 27, 2012

free college military

One quick way to earn college credits is to use the Army E-learning portal where members of the Army, National Guard, Reservists and Army civilians can earn credits by taking free online courses. There are more than 55 ACE approved courses for college level credit

To register for access, go to AKO at > Self Service > My Education > Army e-Learning Portal Page > New User Link

There is no penalty for failing a course test. The course tests can be taken as many times as necessary to pass the test with a 70% or higher.

If you need help registering please click on


Geoffrey Price said...

Question: I've always been told and have read in many different places on the internet that E-Learning courses are worth civy ed. I have never heard of anyone actually redeeming the courses for college credit though. Have you done this or do you know anyone first hand who has?

I've been looking into NCI.EDU for sending my transcripts in. They charge around $200 and I have no idea, not even a wide ballpark range, as to how many credits I'll receive.

Any thoughts?

Geoffrey Price said...

Have you, or do you, know anyone who has redeemed the E-Learning courses for college credit before?

I've been looking into NCI.EDU to turn in my transcripts but, am skeptical due to the $200(or there about) fee. I don't want to pay the $$$ if I only get 5-10 credits.

Any thoughts, comments?

Marky said...

I didn't know before that military stuffs are included in the on line courses available?

Anne said...

Where have been then Marky?? LOL. The test drive college website can help you catch up!