Wednesday, December 31, 2014

become a medical assistant

One of the most frustrating issues with being a military spouse is finding a career that has national portability that will allow for employment at the next duty station. Finding a degree that leads to employment is a crucial step in planning for the next duty station move.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the field with the highest growth and one of the top projected incomes over the next decade is medical secretaries. It’s estimated that an American turns 50 every 7 seconds and with a career field growth rate over 35% in the next decade this job offers an exciting entry point into the field of healthcare.

The website which uses information based off of people working indicates that the median salary in Albany NY for medical secretaries is$ 34,000. With the growth of healthcare combined with the aging population now is the time to enter the medical field and start a journey towards a successful career.

Another exciting and growing career field that offers a quality entry point into the healthcare world is medical assistants. U.S News and World rates the position as one of the top 100 best jobs based on the projected growth of 29% and the increase of aging adults in the population. Both medical secretaries and medical assistants are needed career fields with tremendous growth over the next ten years.

With the remarkable growth in the jobs has come a wide variety of training and education for the position. Hospitals similar to colleges are accredited and have a wide range of federal, state and local regulations that must be met so employers prefer to hire medical assistants who are certified and have a national certification. This allows the hospital to show accrediting agencies that they have hired the most qualified and competent workers in a time of fast changing regulations and policies.

Colleges such as Bryant and Stratton in Malta NY offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree program that prepares people for a rewarding career as a medical assistant in a private practice, hospital, clinic or government agency. Earning an associate’s degree alongside a national certification opens the doors to more potential income. Some studies have shown that associates degree grads earn more than a half a million dollars more over their lifetime than high school grads and can even out earn people with a bachelor’s degree in certain fields. If your interested in a personalized learning environment that offers flexibility with a combination of online learning and a hands on approach feel free to reach out at

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