Thursday, March 5, 2015

DECIDE-Six Easy Steps for Finding a Job

DECIDE-A simply plan for job seekers to leverage their influence during the search process.

Develop contacts with human resources professionals in your chosen career field. Contact job recruiters and ask them if they have openings matching your skill set.

Expand your network by leveraging the federal, state and local job banks. Sit down and meet with the job bank in your area for the Federal Department of Labor, the State jobs office and the local county employment office. This greatly expands the number of people seeing your resume.

Contact people in your networks and meet with them to solicit advice. Most jobs in the new economy are found through networking. Write a list of family, friends and associates and give each one a personal call.

Include relevant and up to date information on your resume. The average HR person looks at resume for 20 seconds. Does your standout above the rest or does it resemble the rest?

elineate what about your job search strategy is working and do more of that. If you’re only getting calls about pet sitting then there’s too much information about your pets on your resume. Use your resume to showcase what todays employers are looking for. Ask employers what skills they believe to be most important.
Evaluate what skills and education can be updated and how.

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